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The main projects are:

• National road N°14, province of Entre Ríos, between the intersection of provincial road Nº 29 and national road Nº 18, enlargement of pavement with concrete in an approximate length of 38 km.

• National road N°60, between the intersections of national road Nº 9 nearby Villa del Totoral, Córdoba and the border with Catamarca, repaving of 102 km.

• National road N°9, Section: Campana-Zárate, between km. 72,6 and km 85,2. Execution of a third lane in Buenos Aires -Rosario highway and the integral repaving of the section.

• National road N°19, between the intersections of national road N°34 and provincial road N° 20. Duplication of pavement in concrete, 32 km. in the province of Santa Fe.

• National road N°22 and N°237, Section: Plottier-Arroyito_A° La Teresa, province of Neuquén. Retrofitting and maintenance (initial works of repaving and subsequent maintenance within 60 months with a length of 195 km.)

• National road N° 242, Section: Las Lajas – Border with Chile. Sections: Las Lajas – Customs and Customs –border with Chile. The first section consists in its repaving and the second one in the execution of basic works up to the border with Chile.

• Road 3 Santa Bárbara Section – Caranavi - Quiquibey (Bolivia). Important project of 184 km.

• Bridge construction over Río Tercero, Villa María-Villa Nueva (Córdoba)

• Enlargement of road of Buen Ayre Sections II and III (Buenos Aires)

• Maintenance of Malla 106 from Plotier to Picun Leifú (Neuquén)

• Works in Malbran (Santiago del Estero) by Vialnoa (Corridor 7)

• Road 242 Pino Hachado, province of Neuquén.

• Modification and unification of Socavón channels– Frugoni-Marco. General Irrigation Department, prov. of Mendoza.

• Road 111, Dirección nacional de Vialidad (National Road Association), prov. of Neuquén.

• Road 149 Uspallata, Dirección Nacional de Vialidad (National Road Association), Mendoza

• Ochoa relief bridge, government of the city of Buenos Aires.